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Artificial palm tree-artificial flower wholesale manufacturer

Artificial palm tree-artificial flower wholesale manufacturer

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Artificial plants

Simulation is a kind of imitating the real thing, and the simulation plant is designed and manufactured by technicians imitating the shape of the plant, using high-simulation materials. The artificial plants are rich in varieties and styles. We are committed to creating a market of artificial plants with the concept of "green and environmental protection, simple and beautiful". In order to facilitate people’s aesthetics in life, artificial flowers wholesale change the beautiful collocation of the home environment, from an artistic perspective Shape people's lives, make the world full of beautiful enjoyment, and create a harmonious, simple and beautiful home decoration environment. Our plan not only focuses on the artistic improvement of products, but also focuses on the innovation of product marketing channels. We hope that more people will learn about artificial plants, buy artificial plants, and like artificial plants. Create a better tomorrow for artificial plants and write a more beautiful chapter for people's lives


1. The simulated bionic landscape plants are not restricted by natural conditions such as sunlight, air, moisture, and seasons. Plant species can be selected freely according to the needs of the site. No matter the northwest desert or the desolate Gobi can create a green world like spring in all seasons;

2. No need to water or fertilize, no need to worry about plants withering and falling, saving a lot of costs for future management;

3. With the rapid development of building materials technology, design ideas and creativity have been unprecedentedly liberated. More and more tall indoor spaces appear in our lives. Simulation plant landscaping introduces palm plants with excellent garden landscape effects into the interior , It just caters to the needs of this kind of space landscaping, creating a landscape effect that ordinary plants cannot achieve.

Development and application

People are not unfamiliar with the use of artificial plants in our country, and the use of artificial flowers is even more common. Especially in modern times, artificial plants have achieved rapid development. A large number of artificial plant manufacturers and a large number of high-quality products have emerged in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places. Due to the continuous expansion of market demand, a group of discerning businessmen entered the industry and began to devote themselves to the research, development, production and sales of simulated plants and fresh-keeping plants, which led to the development of the entire industry chain. Now the products are more abundant, such as: simulation palm tree series, fresh-keeping palm tree series, simulation coconut tree series, simulation date (algae) tree series, simulation banyan tree, ancient banyan tree series, simulation tree series, PU tree series, simulation plant series , Cable camouflage rattan, camouflage tree series, simulation peach blossom tree, cherry tree, simulation bamboo series, simulation bark series, simulation leaf series, simulation rattan series, simulation lawn series, preservation plant series, simulation fruit, vegetable series, etc.

With the continuous development of the industry, the advancement of technology, the development of artificial plants and fresh-keeping plants, and the improvement of artistic reprocessing, more artificial plants will interpret the perfect harmony between man and nature. Through the unremitting efforts and diligent pursuit of the practitioners, with the concept and attitude of "quality, innovation, quality, service", the simulation plant industry will win more perfect and rapid development space.

With the continuous improvement of the requirements of the industry from all walks of life, people in the industry are also constantly exploring in order to use our achievements to meet the needs of different customers. Especially in the research and development of fresh-keeping plants, many investors have invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. The products have many advantages, such as variety, low price, strong plasticity, good reducibility, long use time, and easy installation. All over the country high-star hotels, large shopping malls, high-end clubs, high-end office buildings and places with relative space and environment. Rockery fountains, small bridges and flowing water, islands and coconut landscapes, single trees into forests, these styles that can only be found in exotic or outdoor areas, we can also fully reflect in the environment you want.


Artificial plants are all made by fusion of chemical products. According to the common properties of some plastic products, the first one is to avoid ultra-high temperature and avoid placing them next to equipment or instruments with high heat generation to avoid high temperature deformation of the artificial tree. And discoloration. After the artificial flowers have been displayed for a period of time, they can be directly rinsed with water and then dried to avoid direct sunlight exposure after washing, so as to avoid the possibility of "being" discolored by the artificial flowers.

There are many imitation plant perfumes on the market, you can choose one you like to buy. For specific usage, spray perfume on a cotton ball, wrap it with earth-colored paper and place it on the root of the artificial tree. Put some dried leaves on the paper ball, so that the paper ball can be covered and the fragrance can continue to evaporate. Of course, the effect depends on the quality of the perfume you buy and the effective time!






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