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Artificial flower wholesale factory: What are the advantages of artificial plant wall?

2020-10-21 09:11:19

In daily life, you can often see the shadows of various artificial plant walls. It embellishes the surrounding natural environment very well and makes our daily lives more and more vibrant. So, what are the advantages of artificial flower wholesale manufacturers and friends to understand the artificial plant wall?

1. Green wall

Yuan Shengxin Flower Art emphasizes that “green wall” is to use green plants to replace bricks, stones, and reinforced concrete to build walls. This kind of vibrant emerald green wall not only occupies a small area, is cost-effective, and can be landscaping. Purifying the environment, reducing noise, purifying indoor air, and adjusting the temperature are good methods that people are worthy of advocacy.

2. Features of simulated plant wall

The design is rich and varied, and various specifications and models can be customized according to requirements. Consider the different requirements of different customers. The green wall is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration design, and various specifications and models are available; anti-ultraviolet light, environmental protection and tasteless.

The surface texture is clear and real, with a strong sense of hierarchy. Available venues: high-end housing, single-family villas, large conference rooms, club teams, hotels, nightclubs, etc.


3. Installation method of simulation plant wall

Huizhou Yuanshengxin Floral Art Co., Ltd. summarized the following installation procedures for everyone.

Step 1: According to the specific area used, put the products together in the same direction (note the orientation of the snap buttons on the 4 sides).

Step 2: Roll up the pieced goods, and the volume should be easy to hold by one person with two hands.

Step 3: Start the installation from one end, one person connects the products to the guardrail with a cable tie, and the other person cooperates with each other to gradually relax the products. Fix the top part of the load first, and then fix it around.

I have introduced the characteristics of the artificial plant wall in detail here. After reading it, everyone has a lot of feelings. The artificial plant wall does have many advantages, and it is worthy of your reference for interior decoration.



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