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Soft decoration artificial flowers, what are the benefits, and how to place them correctly-artificial flower manufacturers

2020-12-01 17:48:13

In the case of house decoration, everyone also likes to choose decorative flowers. It has a very good decoration effect. It is also possible to modify the natural environment in your room. But the artificial flowers are also particularly beautiful. In terms of appearance design, the shape design is also elegant, with different shapes. So, what are the advantages of decorative flowers and artificial flowers? It is also a level that cannot be underestimated in the case of artificial flowers selection.

1. What are the advantages of decorative flowers

1. High ductility, low carbon and environmental protection. The raw materials of ornamental plants include plastic products, silk products, polyester products and resin clay materials, metal rods, glass test tubes, leaflets, chemical fiber yarn, decorative paper and printing ribbons. No environmental pollution or no environmental pollution. Because of the malleability of the raw material, it can harmonize with the unique aspect ratio and appearance of the physical model, and can maintain the emerald green color and exceed the limit of the genuine product. The image is lifelike, lifelike and beautiful. Can compare potted flowers and green plants. Artificial flower manufacturers

2. Less environmental hazard. It is not easy to grow green plants at home. Since most public places and company offices are equipped with central air conditioning, indoor lighting is often lacking. Artificial flowers are very easy to obtain the color of artificial flowers. Maintain light and periodicity. It is not dry and dry like green plants and flowers.

3. Easy to maintain, synthetic potted flowers, green plants, no potted flowers, no leaves, no rot, no water, no mosquito breeding, no need to manipulate water, trim, insects and other problems; artificial flowers are photosynthetic plants It is no longer necessary to bring young children to ingest people and the negative effects of injuries. It is suitable for homes with children and for the elderly at home.


4. The price is not high. Some are much lower than the specific petals, which are convenient and convenient to use. When you have to change the design, you can rearrange it to change the mood. Suitable for people to clean up and bear the natural environment in their homes.

2. How to place artificial flowers

1. The bedroom is the area where everyone stays in the hotel most of the time, and it is also an area where friends and friends are warmly welcome. Decorative design should not be greedy and exquisite. Artificial flowers are placed in the living room, the colors are gorgeous, the flowers are smooth, the petals are large, and the colorful artificial flowers make all the large living rooms look very cheerful, and everyone is very comfortable in the large living room. The flowers are sleek, and the sides reflect the harmony of the host family. Soft and soft, giving people a comfortable feeling, giving people a very comfortable and fresh feeling.

2. Harmony is placed in the restaurant. The restaurant is an area where you can eat three meals a day. If you want to make artificial flowers, you should choose light colors. The blooming tree skill should not be very big, you should choose a blooming tree skill. The blooming bouquets gave everyone a great experience. Choosing a small and light-colored artificial flower is very heavy, which makes all the restaurant simple and tidy.

3. Put artificial flowers in the bedroom, which is the area where everyone falls asleep and releases stress. The modification should not be too complicated. If it is too complicated, it will harm sleep and make daily life difficult. The same goes for artificial flowers. The selection of monochrome petals reminds us of the overall design style of the bedroom. The pure color petals give people a very quiet feeling, and fall asleep quietly, giving people a comfortable feeling.



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