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Artificial flower wholesale factory: In the hot summer, artificial plants give a touch of emerald green to daily life

2020-10-20 18:08:40

There are more than 10,000 succulent species in the world, and most of them belong to higher plants (most of them are higher plants). In the classification of plants, it belongs to dozens of families. Some authoritative experts think that 67 families are succulent, but most authoritative experts think that there are only more than 50 families. Succulents are widely used as potted plants in countries around the world. At this stage, most of the common types belong to the Crassulaceae and Cactaceae. Brazil and Spain are the countries with the most succulents in the world. There are many well-known hybrid species in Japan, Britain, and Europe.

I don’t know when it first started. More and more people planted succulents. Planting succulents became a trend and swept everyone's micro life. Everyone just started to plant many succulent potted plants on their balcony. Used to appreciate and adjust their mentality. Many people will find that succulents are particularly beautiful when they grow green plants. The main reason is that the exterior design is different, and the appearance of petals is similar. It will be better when you enjoy them at home.

However, in summer, succulents are more difficult to maintain. The problem depends on the high temperature, dampness and hot temperature in summer. Many succulents will enter a dormant state and stop or slow down their growth and development. Succulent maintenance at this moment has very high requirements for temperature, watering, sun exposure, bonsai soil, and natural ventilation. If it is not solved well, succulents will die. However, you can use artificial succulents, artificial potted plants instead!


Everyone always has a natural sense of closeness to emerald green. In the long-term daily life in the modern reinforced concrete city, there are few green plants, and the hope for emerald green is more and more urgent. Having such a beautiful potted plant without watering, soil, or fertilizer is really cost-effective. Potted plants with real shapes can indeed be evergreen all year round. Of course, environmental protection, to give people a real experience, is a good choice for both eyes. Artificial plant walls that can be used in rooms or outdoors by wholesale manufacturers of artificial flowers have been quietly popularized all over the country.

There are three key advantages. First, the simulation bionic technology landscape plants will not be constrained by natural conditions such as the sun, gas, water, and seasons. They can use green plants as they wish on the spot, and the four seasons can be constructed regardless of the Great Northwest Desert or the barren desert. A green world like spring; second, no need to water or fertilizer, no need to worry about green plants withering and withering, saving a lot of costs for cleaning in the future; third, with the rapid development trend of building decoration materials technology, design concept and art Unprecedented release of creativity, more and more tall and large interior space designs appear in our daily lives. The outdoor landscaping of artificial plants introduces palm green plants with excellent practical effects in landscape gardens into the room, which just conforms to that. It is necessary for indoor and outdoor landscaping to construct the actual effect of garden landscape that ordinary green plants cannot complete.



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